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We stock a great range of artificial and natural casings. Whether you are creating the perfect sausages for your shop, preparing to smoke salami and other small goods or the home cook preparing the Aussie snag, we have the casing for you.


Naturin 22mm Nippi 22mm
Devro Handlink 23mm (CBA009) Devro 23mm Butchers Fresh (ABA017)
Naturin 23mm – 762 metre Nippi 23mm – 670 meter
Devro Coria 26mm Nippi 26mm
 Devro 30/35 Hog (30CBA001) Naturin 30mm
Naturin 30mm Nippi 30mm
Devro 23mm Frankfurt Red (23ACE001B) Devro 400 Collagen Wrap


Hog 32/36 Sheep Slush ‘Wet’ Pack 24/26
Hog 26/28 Selected Tubed Hog 28/32 Selected
Hog 32/35 Selected Tubed Ox Runners
Ox Middles Sheep Bungs (DBL 10)


43mm Klassik Clipped & Tied 55mm Klassik Clipped & Tied
Steril VKS100/50 Clear Steril VKS120/50 Clear
Nalo Fibrous 45/50 Nalo Fibrous 90/50 Clear, Red, Brown, Orange
Nalo Fibrous 120/50 OS 120/50 Clear
OS 135/60 Clear OS 120/50 Black
OS 90/50 Red Devon 105/60 V7 Fibrous
110/60 V8 Fibrous 120/65 V9 Fibrous
165/65 V12 Fibrous Pariser Printed
Printed Berliner Continental Brawn 120/50
Gypsi Salami Printed Steril Devon Printed 90/50
Nalo Top Tyroler Printed 90/50 Chickenwurst OS 90/50

If you are unsure of the right casing for you, our team will be able to provide the right guiding to ensure that your casing will enhance your sausage experience and keep your customers happy.