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Delaney’s Gourmet Meals

Our gourmet sausage meal range is second-to-none. We mix the truly best flavour combinations which allow our customers to provide a bit of something else to the market. Whilst we market our best flavour pairings, we are always willing to bend the norm and work with our customers to create new and exciting flavours. The following is a sample of some of our most popular gourmet meals.


Beef & Bacon* Madras Curry
Beef & Cheese* Mango Chilli
Beef & Spinach* Mediterranean Pork
Beef, Bacon & Cheese* Mexican
Beef, Bacon & Tomato* Moroccan
Beef, Herb & Chilli* Mushroom & Garlic
Boerewurst (1.0kg) Mushroom & Onion
Chicken* Pork & Apple
Chicken & Chives* Pork & Bacon
Chicken, Cheese & Chives Pork & Chives
Chilli Beef Hot Shotz Pork & Fennel
Chorizo (1.8kg) Pork & Honey
Continental (1.6kg) Pork & Parsley
Hawaiian Pork & Veal
Herb & Garlic Pork Premix (1.6kg)
Honey & Macadamia Pork Supreme (750gm)
Honey, Mint & Rosemary Pork, Parsley & Ginger
Honey, Rosemary & Lamb Pumpkin, Parmesan & Pinenuts
Italian Spicy Roast Tomato & Caramelised Onion
Kofta (800gm) Roast Tomato & Garlic
Lamb & Mint Rosemary Lamb
Lemon, Lamb & Oregano Satay
Lime, Ginger & Chilli Savory Pork
Spinach & Garlic Steak & Onion
Sundried Tomato & Basil Sweet Chilli & Kakadu Plum
Sweet Chilli & Red Bell Pepper Texas BBQ
Thai Green Curry with Coconut (1.125kg) Thai Lemongrass
Tomato Salsa Tomato Supreme (1.0kg)
Turkey & Cranberry TWT German Bratwurst (1.okg)
Wagyu Beef Wild Tomato & Cracked Pepper (1.0kg)

*Also available in 1.75kg, 3.5kg and 17.5kg sizes.

Please talk to us about making your favourite flavour gluten free and/or preservative free