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Cleaning Instruments

Vikan Deck Scrub
500mm Vikan Squeegee Rubber
600mm Vikan Squeegee Rubber
500mm Vikan Squeegee Head
600mm Vikan Squeegee Head
Vikan 500 & 600mm Squeegee complete
Vikan hand scrub brush
Vikan aluminium handle
Vikan Bahiia & turks heads

Cleaning Products

Sodium Hypochloride 5ltr and 20ltr
Lemon Detergent 5ltr and 25ltr
Apple Disinfectant 5ltr and 25ltr
Spice Disinfectant 5ltr and 25ltr
Euco-Pine Disinfectant 5ltr and 25ltr
Bone Room Cleaner 5ltr and 25ltr
Window Cleaner 5ltr
Mint-Aroma 5ltr
Super Sanitizer (Bunzl) 5ltr and 20ltr
Sani-Spray 5ltr
Mi-Solv 5ltr and 15ltr
Ultra-Solv 5ltr and 15ltr
Poly-Board Cleaner 4kg
Washing Powder 20kg
Hand Soap 5ltr
Oven & Grill Cleaner 5ltr
Oven & Grill Cleaner (CBS Foodtech) 30ltr

Cleaning Wipes

Paper Towel 19cm
Centre Pull Towel
C.P.T Dispenser
Interleave Paper Towel
Tork 606 Wipes
Toilet Paper (2 PLY)